Enhanced Ink Adhesion on Films for UV Inkjet Printers

UV inkjet printing is one of the fastest growing digital technologies for the traditional screen printer.  Tekra's JetView™ UV Inkjet brand of coated films allows printers to participate in markets never thought possible by this print method.  Providing significantly enhanced ink adhesion of UV inks to the plastic film substrate, JetView™ UV Inkjet films are the right match for applications in the point of purchase, graphics, industrial, and specialty print markets.

JetView™ UV Inkjet polycarbonate allows UV inkjet printers to take on the most demanding of applications.  Coated in Tekra's world class coating facility, JetView™ UV Inkjet polycarbonate greatly enhances ink adhesion to the film allowing it to pass the ASTM D3350 cross hatch tape test for ink adhesion whereas uncoated polycarbonate routinely fails.  Available in a variety of finishes and gauges, in sheets or in rolls, JetView™ UV Inkjet polycarbonate is the film of choice.

JetView™ UV Inkjet polyester is available in clear, white, or diffused.  It offers superior durability, optical brilliance, and the advanced ink adhesion that JetView™ UV Inkjet polyester is known for.  Stocked in rolls, JetView™ UV Inkjet polyester can also be sheeted to a specific size upon request.

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