Press Release - New JetView™ Solvent Inkjet Polycarbonate & Polyester Film

Digital and durable films offer solutions for solvent inkjet printing

New Berlin, WI - Solvent inkjet presses have primarily been restricted to vinyl-based applications due to the chemical make-up of its inks.  Tekra has now developed a polyester and polycarbonate film solution, called "JetView™ Solvent Inkjet," that allows you to branch out with solvent inkjet printing.

"Our newest innovation in coating bridges the gap between durable inks and durable substrates with an ink-receptive printer that creates a barrier between the ink and the substrate to prevent chemical degradation, but still allows for optimal ink adhesion," states Rebecca Fuhrman, Tekra's Market Development Manager for Digital Films.  "With the ability to offer polycarbonate and polyester films into your solvent inkjet line, printers can now take advantage of the benefits offered by solvent inks: economic value, durability, broad color spectrum; and pair them with the applications that require the benefits that polycarbonate and polyester offer," continues Fuhrman.

Along with broadening your market offering, the qualities of solvent inks allows for fewer reproductions, as well as the option to exclude protective top coating or lamination over the printed inks.  the ability to eliminate these steps in the production process simply equates to higher profitability for the printer.

Tekra offers a wide array of clear, white, and textured polyester and polycarbonate films in 5, 7, and 10 mil gauges.  The rolls come 48 - 61 inches wide, depending on the substrate and have a length of 150 feet per roll.  Free test samples are available upon request.  For more information on JetView™ Solvent Inkjet Films, visit or call 1-800-491-9578.

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