JetView™ Solvent Inkjet - Solvent Inkjet Printable Polycarbonate and Polyester Films

Solvent inkjet printers looking for that extra edge routinely turn to JetView Solvent Inkjet polycarbonate and polyester films. Tekra's JetView Solvent Inkjet brand of polycarbonate and polyester films are durable and have excellent ink adhesion. The color vibrancy produced using JetView Solvent Inkjet polycarbonate and polyester films makes graphics "pop" allowing an eye catching experience that all marketers look for. The JetView Solvent polycarbonate films have an added barrier coat that stops the solvents in the ink from attacking and breaking down the polycarbonate film making for the first time a solvent inkjet printable polycarbonate film that will not fail in the field. The JetView Solvent polyester films also are heat resistant that helps eliminate wrinkles in backlit and scroller applications. Typical applications include backlit signage, point of purchase signage, promotional graphics, graphic overlays and trade show graphics.

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