Tekra News Volume 8 No. 2

November 2017

Highlights in this issue of Tekra News (Click here for the full issue):

  • "A Big Easy Success!" - Sights, sounds and solutions; SGIA New Orleans was a show not to miss.

  • "End of the Year Shipping" - We will be targeting ship dates on or before Thursday, December 21st or after January 2nd in as many cases as possible.

  • "Conductive Inks - Force Sensing Resistors" - Tekra is now offering Henkel's Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) inks, which offer a portfolio of conductive and non-conductive force sensitive inks and spacer materials that provide a total solution for FSR applications.

  • "Tekra Develops and Applies Custom Coatings" - Creating custom coatings for plastic films is one of Tekra's specialties. The Research & Development staff works with our sales and marketing teams to produce specialty coatings for customers' unique needs.

  • "Reintroducing...DuPont Tyvek®" - DuPont Tyvek® has great attributes that have withstood the test of time. In addition to being highly durable, Tyvek® also has the benefits of being smooth& water resistant and chemical & UV resistant.

  • "Melinex® AF & AG3 Polyester" - Tekra continues to look for innovative, opportunistic products to support the growing need for functional polyester films sold into the medical healthcare industry such as the Melinex® AF & AG3 Polyester films.

  • "UL Flame Ratings for Polycarbonate Films" - Flame ratings given by the Underwriters Laboratory for polycarbonate films is a common requirement in the industry. Learn more about the UL rating process and the products SABIC offers!

To read the full issue of Tekra News Volume 8 No. 2, click here or the link under the newsletter image.

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