Tekra News Volume 8 No. 1

August 2017

Highlights in this issue of Tekra News (Click here for the full issue):

  • "Tekra Exhibiting at SGIA in New Orleans Oct. 10-12" - Tekra to show at SGIA New Orleans, LA October 10-12. New products featured in their digital line of films!

  • "What Does Tekra REALLY Offer You?" - With considerable market changes in our industry's environment, Tekra's core value principles can help you in growing your business. Learn how we can help!

  • "Tough and Beautiful...YUPO® Synthetic Paper" - For a material that can stand up to the test of time but is also soft to the touch, look no further than YUPO® Synthetic Paper. Strong, versatile, smooth, this material is what you're looking for.

  • "3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes" - 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes easily bond to the toughest surfaces including silicone rubber, foams, polypropylene, polyethylene, and other low surface energy surfaces.

  • "Marnot® XL Hardcoated Matte Products" - Tekra's Marnot® XL Matte Hardcoated films are available in polycarbonate or polyester films. With various matte levels Tekra is sure to have the proper product for your application!

To read the full issue of Tekra News Volume 8 No. 1, click here or the link under the newsletter image.

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