Dura-Go YUPOBlue® 5.9pt 78LB Text

Dura-Go® YUPOBlue 5.9pt 78lb Text material is optimized for HP Indigo ink print-receptivity. It offers superior dimensional stability and is 100% water proof. The typical applications for this synthetic paper are menus, maps, tags, tickets, durable manuals and ID cards.

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  • Dura-Go YUPOBlue® 5.9pt 78LB Text 5.9 mil (147.5 micron)


  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Stain resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Stretch resistant

Typical Applications

  • Menus
  • Maps
  • Tags
  • Tickets
  • Durable manuals
  • Identification Cards
  • Labels
Data Sheets & Summary Sheets

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