Featured Product - Valox™ HPNGFF

SABIC Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Film Features Second-Side Adhesive To Ease Application to Glass or Windows

Plastic Film Can Help Retailers Reduce Energy Costs!

What is SABIC Valox™ HPNGFF?

Valox™ HPNGFF is a polycarbonate film with one side anti-fog coating, and one side adhesive backing. The antifog coating is durable, long-lasting, and prevents condensation caused by sudden temperature changes. With this film being optically clear, it can be used for applications such as:

  • Supermarket refrigerators or freezer doors
  • Bathroom glasses and mirrors
  • Vehicle windows

Easy and Quick Installation

HPNGFF has a unique feature rare to most plastic films, that being it already has an adhesive on the second surface. This adhesive surface can adhere to glass and windows easily with a peel and stick technology, only needing a squeegee and water spray to apply. After being applied to the substrate, the film’s abrasion resistance can act as a barrier to protect the surface from spalling in the case of a pane breakage. Once the film is in place, it withholds its integrity throughout its lifespan by being chemically resistant while being able to be cleaned by typical glass and mirror cleaners such as Windex.

Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption

The coated anti-fog surface not only provides a visual aesthetic of reduced fog, but also provides cost savings from reducing the energy needed to combat fog caused by rapid temperature changes. For instance, using HPNGFF polycarbonate film on freezer doors means that supermarkets can turn their door heaters off, which would result in less energy consumption by over 40%. This lowers the costs of energy usage and CO2 emissions.

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