Featured Product - New Matte Toner Rigid Vinyl and Polyester Films

ToneKote™ is Tekra’s specially coated substrate brand optimized for use on dry toner based equipment.

Recently, several additions have been made to the ToneKote line, including a 5, 7, and 10 mil white polyester with a matte coating; and a 5 and 7 mil clear with a white translucent matte coating. In addition to the polyesters, Tekra has also introduced a toner adhesion promoting 10 and 15 mil white matte rigid vinyl (PVC).

Consistent with all other ToneKote products, these ToneKote films greatly enhance and preserve toner adhesion with high color definition. Durable enough to resist tears, chemicals, water, and dirt, these films are ideal for applications that are reused often and replaced less frequently. The two-sided matte coating reduces the appearance of scratches and normal wear.

In addition to point-of-purchase, other common applications include manuals, ID cards, loyalty cards, tags, shelf danglers, and menus. These films have successfully been printed on the Xerox iGen3 and Xeikon presses.

This new lineup of ToneKote products is stocked in standard 12” x 18” sheets with custom sheet sizes and rolls readily available. Contact us or call today at (866) 532-8840 for more information on Tekra’s expanding ToneKote line and to request free samples.

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