ToneKote™ – Digitally Printable Films for Toner Base Printers

Tekra’s ToneKote™ brand of digital toner receptive plastic films have changed the printing landscape for dry toner printers who traditionally have been exclusively paper printers.  New market opportunities, greater sales dollars, and higher profits are all signatures of the ToneKote brand value when compare to paper.

Manufactured in Tekra’s world class coating facility, ToneKote plastic films are specially treated to accept toner from a wide variety of printer types.  The proprietary ToneKote coating enhances the toner adhesion to plastics while allowing the vibrant colors to shine through.  The coating also helps deflect some of the inherent heat in the toner printing process, allowing plastic films with lower temperature thresholds to be printable via this method.   ToneKote films are available in rolls and an assortment of sheet sizes.

ToneKote films have been successfully printed on a variety of print systems including Xeikon, Xerox iGen, Konica Minolta, and Canon.  With the wide variety of toner based printer brands and models, testing and qualification is a constant process.  However, Tekra always strongly recommends that the ToneKote brand be tested throughout your complete printing process.  Free ToneKote samples are always available for this purpose.

ToneKote films & substrates include:

  • Polyester
  • Rigid Vinyl
  • Label Stocks with Permanent Adhesive
  • Label Stocks with Removable Adhesive

Typical applications for ToneKote films include:

  • Point of purchase signage
  • Labels
  • Decals
  • Backlit signage
  • Gift, membership, and ID cards
  • Tags
  • Waterproof maps and brochures
  • Menus

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