Featured Product – Functional PTC Carbon Resistor Inks

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) printable inks that deliver targeted resistance values

Loctite® ECI 8000 E&C series is an innovative line of Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) heating elements manufactured by Henkel Electronics, and now available from Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. These carbon resistor inks are formulated to four target resistance values that activate when voltage is applied, then "switch off", after reaching a desired pre-set resistance. Temperature resistance values range from high to low power (120°C to 45°C).


PTC resistor inks are engineered to maintain stable properties that excel in multiple self-regulating heating environments. This self-regulating "tuned" action make PTC carbon resistor inks ideal for heating elements used in various applications including: commercial and residential floors & walls and exterior auto lights, back-up cameras, side mirrors & defoggers.





PTC Carbon Resistor ink compositions can be printed via screen or rotary processes. These inks are compatible with silver and dielectric inks printed on base PET, PEN, and PI film substrates. For additional information, please click here.

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