Mylar A - An Exceptional Material for Duck Call Reeds

Mylar® A is a tough, general purpose polyester film with a rough surface that provides ease of handling, good adhesion, and processability. While some films may harden with age, Mylar® A remains flexible and resistant to moisture, enabling a longer lifespan for its end-use applications. Its balanced tensile properties combined with excellent chemical and temperature resistance make it a robust film for a wide variety of applications.

Randy Cesco, founder of Cold Front Calls based in Syracuse, Indiana, has found a unique use for Mylar® A film in his handcrafted waterfowl calls. Waterfowl calls, such as Duck Calls or Goose Calls, typically have five main parts: a barrel, insert, sound board, reed, and wedge. The insert fits snugly into the barrel and contains the reed which, in conjunction with the sound board, helps produce the desired sound when blown.

Reed Material of Choice for Duck and Goose Calls

Mylar® A is the material of choice for Cold Front Calls in the construction of reeds for its duck and goose calls. With the reed being an essential component to the sound quality of each call, it requires a thin material with both the hardiness and longevity to withstand the elements it will likely be exposed to. Mylar® A is an obvious choice for several reasons:

  • Excellent moisture and chemical resistance allow the call to be blown into and cleaned regularly without showing signs of decay or erosion.
  • Its flexibility is not compromised with age, allowing consistent sound quality after continued use.
  • Balanced tensile properties allow for strong structural integrity.
  • Temperature resistance from -100°F to 300°F allows the call to comfortably withstand the range of outdoor temperatures it could potentially face.

Using Material Thickness and Length to Affect Pitch and Volume

Varying the length and thickness of the reed affects the call’s pitch and volume respectively. While duck calls typically contain reeds that are 10 mil thick, goose calls require 12 to 14 mil material for a stronger sound.

Tekra takes pride in supplying Cold Front Calls with the material needed to help achieve its mission of providing quality, handcrafted duck and goose calls that will last for generations. For more information about Cold Front Calls, visit their Facebook Page.

Tekra offers Mylar® A film in thicknesses ranging from .5 mil to 14 mil. To discuss your Mylar A or PET film material needs, call Tekra at 866-468-4024 or visit our PET plastic film page to learn more.

Image of Mylar A Used In Duck Call
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