Application Spotlight - EMI Shielding Materials

Plastic Films and Adhesives Used in Electromagnetic Shielding

What is EMI Shielding?
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is the corruption of electronic devices operating in an electromagnetic field. Failure to meet electromagnetic interference standards can result in device failure, increasing inconveniencies, and possibly even dangerous scenarios. This is a growing issue as many industries are adapting to new technology that relies on electromagnetic fields.

Modern-day wireless electronics often produce strong enough signals that can disrupt other devices in the nearby area. Since EMI is becoming more prevalent, many industries and applications must adapt to maintain functionality and efficiency.

Interference Can Affect Touch Screens and Appliances
Whether it’s the touchscreen in your car malfunctioning because of multiple cellphones being used in the vehicle or your oven kitchen appliance shutting off when playing your Bluetooth radio, it is likely caused by electromagnetic interference. We are here to ensure that your applications meet electromagnetic interference standards and operate at a peak level.

Tekra offers a wide variety of EMI shielding materials that can offer electromagnetic compatibility to ensure your devices are functioning properly. By providing EMI shielding films and tapes, Tekra can be your provider for all of your electromagnetic interference solution needs.

EMI Shielding Film
Tekra offers LEXAN™ polycarbonate films that are electromagnetically compatible. These films provide excellent thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties needed in today’s electronic applications.

Polycarbonate Films for EMI Shielding:

  • Valox FR1™ Film: Flame retardant thermoplastic polybutylene, terephthalite film offering UL94 VTM-0 performance. This material works very well with many fabrication techniques including clean-edge dies cutting, folding, and bending.
  • LEXAN™ FR60 Film: Clear polish/polish flame retardant polycarbonate with a UL94 V-0 listing to meet requirements in electronic applications.
  • LEXAN™ FR63 Film: Clear polycarbonate film with a matte finish on one side and a polish finish on the other and a UL94 V-0 listing.
  • LEXAN™ FR65 Film: Clear polycarbonate film with a velvet finish on one side and a matte finish on the other and a UL94 V-0 listing.
  • LEXAN™ FR700 Film: A black, one side fine matte, one side velvet flame-retardant polycarbonate film with a UL94 V-0 listing at 0.250 mm. This polycarbonate film is used in EMI shielding when laminated with metal foil.

3M™ EMI Shielding Tapes:
Tapes are often preferred to work with since they are cost-effective, work well, and are easy to design with. Tekra supplies 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes that are designed for electromagnetic interference shielding bond line gap and grounding applications enabling devices to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements. These tapes are offered in varying thickness, contact resistance, and adhesive type to ensure you have the appropriate tape for your shielding needs.

3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes:  The high performers……

Tekra can be your one-stop provider for all EMI shielding film and tape needs! Contact us here to speak with a representative.

EMI Shielding Tape and Film

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