Melinex® 542 is a slightly hazy film with an adhesion promoting pretreatment on both sides. The pretreatment enables numerous solvent and UV inks and lacquers to be coated with excellent adhesion. The film is tear resistant, has excellent handling characteristics and also good dimensional stability when exposed to variations in temperature and humidity.


  • MELINEX® 542 1.42 mil (35.5 micron)
  • MELINEX® 542 1.97 mil (49.25 micron)
  • MELINEX® 542 2.96 mil (74 micron)
  • MELINEX® 542 3.94 mil (98.5 micron)
  • MELINEX® 542 4.93 mil (123.25 micron)


  • Pretreatment allows numerous solvent and uv inks and lacquers to be coated
  • Tear resistant
  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • Good dimensional stability when exposed to varying temperatures and humidity


  • Primarily developed for use in the Reprographics industry

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