Melinex® Polyester Films

Known around the world and used in hundreds of industrial, electronic, printing, imaging, specialty and consumer products, Melinex® polyester film is part of a broad, growing portfolio of products from the Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) diverse market offering. 

Tekra actively inventories a comprehensive product range of Melinex® polyester film types including:

  • Super Clear
  • Slighty Hazy
  • Hazy
  • Translucent Matte
  • Opaque White
  • Heat Stabilized

In addition to the standard polyester products detailed above, Tekra can also supply differentiated specialty films from DTF including: index matched films, anti-fog and anti-glare films, high reflectance films, and films for medical end use applications.   Tekra recently added a new product Anti-Glare AM Economy Polyester film to provide affordable antimicrobial protection for customer contact points such as key pads and credit card machines. 

Also, Tekra is unique in that we have manufacturing capabilities to apply value add coatings for functional needs (scratch & chemical resistance, optical display, digital imaging, etc.).

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