LEXAN™ FR83 Film

Lexan™ FR83 flame-retardant film is a matte/polished, thin-gauge polycarbonate film with a UL94 VTM-0 listing to meet the stringent requirements in a wide range of electrical, electronic and transportation applications. Lexan™ FR83 film offers ease of thermoforming, hydroforming, embossing, die-cutting, folding, and bending and is very suitable for applications such as printed circuit board insulation, backlit aircraft in-flight panels and displays, business equipment insulation, computer rack partitions, TV and monitor insulation, PC Board insulation, and can be foil laminated for insulation and shielding.


  • LEXAN™ FR83 Film 3 mil (75 micron)
  • LEXAN™ FR83 Film 4 mil (100 micron)
  • LEXAN™ FR83 Film 5 mil (125 micron)
  • LEXAN™ FR83 Film 7 mil (175 micron)


  • Ease of thermoforming, hydroforming, embossing, die-cutting


  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Transportation

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