ToneKote PFP (Tipped) Clear Polyester C1S

ToneKote™ Clear Polyester is coated one side for toner based printing and tipped with white backing paper on the alternative side, which offers protection and ease of processing through the presses feed path. Offered 4 mils thick, this material offers superior ink adhesion, tear resistance and durability making it an excellent choice for printed transparencies, printed labels or barcodes, membrane switch applications and POP display applications.

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  • ToneKote PFP (Tipped) Clear Polyester C1S 4 mil (102 Micron)


  • Coated on one side
  • Reliable, superior toner adhesion
  • High definition of colors
  • Tear resistance, water and dirt resistnace and durability

Typical Applications

  • Transparencies
  • Printed labels and barcodes
  • Control panel and membrane switch overlays
  • Signage
  • POP applications
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