Tek Tip - Typical Polyester Film Service Temperature Ranges

One of the most unique attributes that seperates polyester (PET) film from other thermo-plastic substrates is its ability to retain good physical properties over a wide temperature range. As a matter of fact, PET can withstand temperatures as hot as 150°C (302°F) and as cold as -70°C (-94°F). In fact, there may be instances where PET can go beyond those temperatures (colder and hotter) when the physical requirements or stress, are not as demanding.

One cautionary note to the above stated performance parameters pertains to the duration of those said temperatures. When conducting 'scientific' testing, PET manufacturers cannot mimic every potential field performance condition. Therefore, it needs to be taken into consideration that PET film may shrink at 150°C under longer durations or it may react differently under abrupt changes in temperature.

When determining PET 'fitness for use', it is best to stay within typical service temperature range parameters. For more detailed physical and thermal performance information, visit this link.

At Tekra, we do our best to match product performance to a given application. As always, the best advice is always to "test the film in the application" (whether it is uncoated or coated) prior to purchasing.

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