Tekra News Volume 8 No. 4

April 2018

Highlights in this issue of Tekra News (Click here for the full issue):

  • "Spring is in the Air: Tradeshows Bring New Printers and Perfectly Paired Medias" - ISA and Dscoop offered back to back tradeshows that kept the excitement blooming for a full week. Top-of-the-line printer innovations breathes new life and possibilities into the world of print in a way that is only fitting for a spring-time release.  Tekra’s media offerings are a perfect match.  

  • "Tekra's Starting Line-Up" - The arrival of spring signifies the start of baseball season and Tekra has a starting lineup of films, adhesives, and inks that will help your team be a winner this season.

  • "RTape Application Tapes and Premasks" - Tekra carries of variety of RTape Application Tapes and Premasks.

  • "Thermoformable PET for In-Mold Electronics" - In-Mold Electronics (IME) is a disruptive technology that is transforming the way companies design & manufacture electronic devices. New, formable Melinex® D784 from Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™), offers superior chemical & flex resistance, with formability comparable to that of PC base film.   

To read the full issue of Tekra News Volume 8 No. 4, click here or the link under the newsletter image.

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