Tekra News Volume 7 No. 3

April 2017

Highlights in this issue of Tekra News (Click here for the full issue):

  • "Light Management Films" - Tekra offers light transmission, light diffusing and light reflecting films from our supply partners.

  • "Highly Conductive Silver Ink Savings" - Tekra is now featuring two highly conductive Henkel silver inks, LOCTITE® ECI 1010 and LOCTITE® ECI 1011

  • "3M™ Ultra Clear Double Coated Tape UCT-50" - This tape is a thin, double coated, ultra-clear tape ideal for applications requiring ultimate clarity.

  • "Melinex® ST™ - A Premier Heat Stabilized Polyester Film" - Tekra offers the broadest product range of Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) ST™ Melinex® polyester films in the industry.

  • "Dscoop Phoenix 2017 Proves ROI in Digital Platforms" - Improved technologies expand your market offering and increase your bottom line.

To read the full issue of Tekra News Volume 7 No. 3, click here or the link under the newsletter image.

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