Tekra News Volume 4 No. 1

March 2013

Highlights In This Issue of Tekra News:
• "A Changing Market" -What has changed in the current marketplace that affects pricing, especially with the raw material Benzene.
• "Tekra Adds New Low Cost Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics" -Tekra introduces the PE8XX series of inks that addresses volatile silver (Ag) costs.
• "New LEXAN™ 6060 Co-extruded PMMA/PC" -Tekra introduces a new LEXAN™ co-extruded film that provides options for in-mold decoration.
• "Pat Oram Named Tekra's New Director of Sales" -Pat Oram will manage the Eastern & Southern territories for Tekra.
• "Radar Ranges & Tekra Coated Products" -In celebrating Tekra's 75th Anniversary in 2013, Tekra visits to 1984 when we installed our first coater.
• " Recovery, Reuse, Recycle" -How does Tekra participate in the "Three R's of Manufacturing".
• "Technical Tips Available on Tekra.com" -Useful Tek Tips are available on Tekra's website that many customer refer back to.

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