Tekra News Volume 11 No. 4

August 2021

Highlights in this issue of Tekra News (Click here for the full issue)

Now stocking LEXAN™ 8A37 Brushed/Polished Polycarbonate Film - Read about our10mil LEXAN™ 8A37 polycarbonate film. 

Polycarbonate Film for Electrical Insulation - Flame retardant polycarbonate films that offer ideal thermal and electrical insulation properties

Mylar A - An Exceptional Material for Duck Call Reeds - Mylar® A is the material of choice for Cold Front Calls in the construction of reeds for its duck and goose calls. 

3M™ Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive Tapes for use in wearable medical devices - 3M™ Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive Tapes provide gentle, long duration wear for stick to skin applications.      

Solutions Made Possible Through Tekra's Research & Development Team - Learn how Tekra's R&D team is creating better coating solutions for our customers.

Team Tekra - In today’s employee spotlight, we are focusing on a new member of our team as well as a veteran of Tekra.  

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