Tekra News Volume 10 No. 2

October 2019

Highlights in this issue of Tekra News (Click here for the full issue):

  • "Some Things Change, Some Stay the Same"-  It has been 10 years since we launched our Tekra Newsletter, and the last decade has brought exciting change.
  • "Applications by Media Type"- When trying to expand your portfolio, sometimes it’s challenging to be sure you’re picking the right media for an application you’re new to creating.  Here is a quick guide to help explain the pros and cons of each film and narrow down your options.
  • "COMING SOON! NEW JetView Backlit Display Film"- Brighter, Whiter, and Shinier. Tekra’s Backlit PET is new and improved!
  • "Mylar® Polyester– The Ideal Cast & Release Substrate”- Using Mylar® or Melinex® polyester as a casting media for industrial end uses is another functional performance advantage of this versatile thermoplastic film type.
  • "What is the Right Way to Accept a Shipment?”- Shipment damage happens, but you can take steps in order to ensure the best possible resolution.

To read the full issue of Tekra News Volume 10 No. 2, click here or the link under the newsletter image.

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