Featured Product: LEXAN™ DL8B25

What is LEXAN™ DL8B25?

LEXAN™ DL8B25 is a new Polycarbonate film added to SABIC’s light solutions portfolio. The unique combination of high light diffusion and transmission makes it ideal for indoor conventional lighting fixtures. This low gloss light diffusing film is seen in applications such as:

  • Light emitting devices
  • Menu boards
  • Electric vehicle and automotive lighting
  • Directional signage

Aesthetic Appeal

DL8B25 is designed to perform over light emitting devices (LED’S) to create a cohesive illumination over the films surface. With optimized surface texture, the light sprawls across the films surface in a uniform glow, reducing the visual of the LED’s below by eliminating hotspots. The films mar resistance blocks out absorption of light to maintain a high-quality visual throughout the products lifespan.


Reduce the number of LED’s

The combination of high light transmission along with the films diffusing properties help to eliminate the number of LED’s needed to be used in the lighting application. This will aid in reducing energy consumption and costs tied to lighting the application, while still maintaining the desired radiance. 

Ease of Processing

This film is ideal for multiple applications with its ease of processing. DL8B25 has good ink adhesion without a pre-treatment, making for sharp and clear imagery to be printed on the films surface. With regards to processing, this film can be easily die cut for preferred application shapes and has the ability to be embossed without factures.  Please contact us today to get a quote or request a sample.  



Image of Diffuser Film used on Train

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