Featured Product – LEXAN™ CXT High Temp Polycarbonate Film

The future of polycarbonate is here, and it can take the heat.

Next time you need a film for a high temperature application, think LEXAN™ CXT. This co-polymer polycarbonate film with high clarity is specifically engineered to beat the heat. A glass transition temperature of 384°F allows for design freedom and flexibility in processing. These parameters make it a possible replacement in applications that typically call out polyimides and PEN film. Unlike polyimide products, the LEXAN™ CXT shows superior light transmittance and extremely low yellowing for long-term and glass-like transparency.

The high optical quality and dimensional stability at high temperatures make LEXAN™ CXT an ideal fit for flexible electronics, but the possibilities don’t stop there. The film is also a great fit for high-end touch screen and displays, and as a substrate for 3D print. Easy formability makes it an excellent choice for trays which require high temperature processing.

So, is LEXAN™ CXT a clear choice for your high heat applications? We think so!

It is available in a polished/fine matte finish in a variety of gauges, soon to be offered in a polished/polished finish.

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