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3M is making the world a brighter place with 3M™ Lighting Films. These polymeric based films provide much more efficient dispersion of light than their traditional, coated aluminum counterparts. In addition, since the films are not metal, they are also non-corrosive and non-conductive making them an excellent choice for a variety of lighting applications including LED luminaries, daylighting and light pipes. Markets currently integrating light management solutions into their designs include: automotive, electronics, appliance, architectural, and lighting manufacturers. The films can also be used for mirrored glass replacement.

Tekra is able to custom convert 3M™ Lighting Films to your exact specification.

Current products include:

3M™ Specular Film DF2000MA is a multi-layer, pressure-sensitive, polymeric film providing specular reflection greater than 99% of visible light often used in the construction of daylighting tubes.

3M™ Specular Film D50A/D50F provides greater than 98.5% reflectivity over the full spectrum with a protective coating on the reflective side providing increased durability and UV irradiance stability required for high intensity LED lighting applications. D50F is the same as D50A without an adhesive coating.

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3M Lighting Films
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  • Thermoformable
  • Available in two transmission levels: 30% and 70% to control light on internally-illuminated lights
3M™ Specular Film DF2000MA


  • Polymeric film
  • Permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • Paper release liner
  • For flat or simple curves
3M™ Specular Film DF2000MA


  • UV and high intensity LED irradiance stability
  • Nonconductive
  • Available with (D50A) or without (D50F) adhesive
  • Protective coating allows for mild cleaning
3M™ Diffuser Film 3735


  • Thermoformable under controlled conditions
  • Available in two light transmission levels -50% and 60%
  • Expected life performance- 7 years
3M™ Durable Label Material PG0305


  • Product is printable via water inkjet presses
  • P1480 adhesive is an emulsion adhesive designed for both high and low surface energy substrates

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