Skin Contact Adhesives for Wearable Medical Devices

Wearable medical devices are becoming more and more popular for such applications as a means of delivering drug therapies (transdermal drug delivery systems), health diagnostics, and continuous health monitoring. With the growth of more holistic applications such as essential oils and CBD, skin-contact adhesive solutions for skin contact medical device applications are expected to grow exponentially over the next several years.

Selecting the Right Adhesive for Your Wearable Medical Device

Finding the right skin-contact adhesive for the application can be challenging based on a variety of factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Skin type (sensitivity)
  • The presence or absence of body hair
  • Perspiration
  • Individual activity level
  • Placement on the body
Medical Device Adhesive Features: Breathable, Water Resistant, Conformability, and Repositionability

3M has developed a portfolio of medical adhesives designed to address many of the application challenges related to skin contact of wearable devices.  Whether the application is short-term wear (≤ 3 days) or long-term wear (≤14 days) Tekra can supply skin-contact adhesive solutions designed for applications requiring breathability, repositionability, water resistivity, and conformability.  We have both single-coated and double-coated differentiated adhesive options.  

3M’s Go To Medical Adhesive Products for Wearable Applications

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Skin Contact Adhesives for Wearable Medical Devices

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