Rigid Vinyl PVC Film Application Spotlight

Graphics Output Uses Rigid Vinyl Film to Create Unique Promotional Products

Graphics Output is a full-service provider of industrial and commercial graphics based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They produce durable decals, plastic templates, & graphic overlay solutions for OEM suppliers and third-party sellers alike.

When Graphics Output was looking for a go-to material to create promotional products to market their company, they chose to use rigid vinyl film from Tekra. Rigid vinyl is flexible but sturdy, inexpensive, high-impact resistant for added durability, printable by various methods (digital, screen, etc.), and easily die-cut. This combination allows for ease of printing fun designs and cutting interesting shapes for promotional items and cards.

“Rigid vinyl offers good opacity, color consistency, versatility, and printability,” said Mariah Lewis, Customer Experience Team Manager from Graphics Output. “We love the rigid vinyl from Tekra because it comes in a variety of finishes and thicknesses, and their customer service and sales team are knowledgeable and helpful.”

The Most Useful Ruler & Creative Business Cards

Graphics Output has used rigid vinyl film to create a variety of different promotional marketing products. 

  • Clear Gloss/Gloss Rigid Vinyl – Screen printed and used for their “Most Useful Ruler” promotional item. This film allows for interesting clear windows when combined with an otherwise full-coverage print.
  • White Gloss/Gloss Rigid Vinyl – Utilized for digitally printed business cards, pocket tools, and custom desk calendars. Combining the gloss finish of the film with a non-glossy ink provides pieces with unique interest and dimension.

Graphics Output customers have loved receiving these interesting promotional items from them and sales of custom business cards on rigid vinyl have grown since working with Tekra to nail down the perfect films for their needs.

“We use rigid vinyl for so many different customer applications,” recalled Mariah. “It’s a great option for our promo pieces because we already stock it and the price and build are perfect. I can’t think of any other material in-house that is more versatile.”

To request samples or a quote of the above film, contact Tekra here.

To learn more about Graphics Output, please visit www.gographicsoutput.com.

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