Application Spotlight - Overlay Market Series: Iridescence - The Pretty Rainbow Nobody Likes

How Tekra's hardcoat reduces the iridescent look...

In this second part of the four part series on the overlay market we will dive into the effects that iridescence can have on an overlay application and what products Tekra offers to combat this common issue.

While iridescence isn’t a property that impedes the mechanical functionality of an overlay or membrane touch switch application, it does impact the overall appearance of the finished product. The iridescent, or rainbow effect, look is an issue in the appliance industry especially because the majority of designs are printed using ‘Appliance White’ and/or ‘Jet Black’ inks. With these two colors the iridescent effect is more apparent and easily ruins the visual aesthetic of the final printed overlay piece.

To combat the iridescent effect of hardcoated films when printed, Tekra has developed a low iridescent coating that can be applied to polycarbonate base films. Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescent Polycarbonate virtually eliminates the rainbow effect by using refractive index matching technology. In addition to the low iridescent properties of this coating, the material is extremely scratch, abrasion, and chemically resistant which makes it a great match for appliance overlay applications. The constant contact with chemicals such as laundry detergent and cleaners will not break down this film. Our hard coated polycarbonate can also be first surface printed to allow for texturing or clearing inks to be applied in proper registration.

Call your Tekra sales representative today or contact us for more details on our low iridescent film offering!

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