Image of MYLAR® LBT2 corona-treated, clear polyester film

MYLAR® LBT2 is an uncoated, transparent, exceptionally strong polyester film used as a substrate for laminating and extrusion coating and as a component of packaging structures requiring strength, high temperature performance and good machinability. It is corona treated on both sides for improved bonding of inks and adhesives. It is also available without corona treatment or with one-side corona treatment. These products are known as MYLAR® LB and MYLAR® LBT respectively.

This film frequently is selected as a component of a laminated structure because of its ability to contribute great strength, high temperature resistance, and flavor/odor barrier. Its sparkling clarity and relative insensitivity to heat and humidity make it an ideal print carrier and outer ply of many laminated food packaging structures. Retention of properties over a temperature range from -100°F to 300°F permits uses requiring freezer storage temperatures followed by heating for warming, cooking or ovenable applications. The chemical resistance and barrier to acids, weak bases, greases and oils, detergents and other active ingredients make it useful in containing many "hard-to-hold" food or non-food products. This film is not degraded by standard sterilization procedures involving steam retorts, gamma or cobalt radiation, ethylene oxide gas exposure, or hydrogen peroxide immersion.

MYLAR® LBT2 can be readily printed with appropriately formulated commercial inks. Consideration should be given in film handling and final package design to the increased susceptibility of the two contacting corona treated surfaces to blocking, particularly in the presence of moisture.

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  • MYLAR® LBT2 0.48 mil (12 micron)
  • MYLAR® LBT2 0.75 mil (18.75 micron)
  • MYLAR® LBT2 0.92 mil (23 micron)
  • MYLAR® LBT2 1.42 mil (35.5 micron)


  • Uncoated
  • Two-side corona treatment
  • Available without or with one-side corona treatment

Typical Applications

  • Lamination structures
  • Packaging
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