Image of LEXAN™ SDCX50 Polycarbonate Film

Lexan™ SDCX50 – WH9B246 Film is a co-extruded polycarbonate film with a core Lexan™ SD8B24 layer and a 50µm Lexan™ SD8B94 caplayer with a fine matte texture on both sides. This film has specifically been designed to be used in government security documents, such as passport data pages, ID cards, driving licenses and many more.

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  • LEXAN™ SDCX50 Film 6 mil (150 micron)


  • Long term durability of cards
  • Optimal lamination of different film layers without adhesives
  • Excellent laser markability
  • Great printability

Typical Applications

  • Government security documents
  • Passports
  • Data pages
  • ID cards
  • Drivers' licenses
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