Lexan™ OQ92S optical film is a high-performance coated film which may offer very good chemical/abrasion resistance, together with unique processing characteristics as well as improved surface quality over standard Lexan™ HP92S Film. This highly durable, easily printed film may help create new opportunities in graphic design whose potential benefits may include: Flexible UV processing, Multiple topside selective texturing, Durability of coating and texture adhesion when exposed to strong household chemicals such as Wisk or Formula 409#.


  • LEXAN™ OQ92S Film 7 mil (175 micron)
  • LEXAN™ OQ92S Film 10 mil (175 micron)
  • LEXAN™ OQ92S Film 15 mil (375 micron)
  • LEXAN™ OQ92S Film 20 mil (500 micron)
  • LEXAN™ OQ92S Film 30 mil (750 micron)


  • High-performance coated film
  • Good chemical/abrasion resistance
  • Unique processing characteristics
  • Improved surface quality


  • LED/LCD display windows

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