LEXAN™ 8A73 Film

Lexan™ 8A73 Film is a one side matte, one side polished polycarbonate film with superior die-cutting properties. It offers improved light diffusion in addition to Lexan film’s inherent high temperature resistance and superior dimensional stability. This set of properties make Lexan™ 8A73 Film ideally suited to automotive dial/cluster and other back-lit or dead-front applications


  • LEXAN™ 8A73 Film 10 mil (250 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8A73 Film 15 mil (375 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8A73 Film 20 mil (500 micron)


  • Matte finish one side, Polish finish second side clear polycarbonate film
  • High temperature resistance
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Improved light diffusion


  • Automotive dial/cluster
  • Back-lit
  • Dead-front

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