LEXAN™ 8A13F Film

Lexan™ 8A13F is a one side fine matte, one side polished transparent polycarbonate film and is specifically designed to help eliminate pinholes in demanding backlit applications. The next generation of our proven polish/matte polycarbonate film, Lexan™ 8A13F films offer the same excellent clarity, heat resistance, and dimensional stability with an even a smoother surface. The matte texture offers mar resistance, and can be used over light-emitting devices (LEDs). It’s low gloss level reduces glare in automobile interiors and office environments. Recent technology improvements now in effect reduce texture variation by 50% and allow improved gauge control

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  • LEXAN™ 8A13F Film 10 mil (250 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8A13F Film 15 mil (375 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8A13F Film 20 mil (500 micron)


  • Fine matte finish one side, Polish finish second side clear polycarbonate film
  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional stability with a smoother surface
  • Mar resistance
  • Excellent clarity

Typical Applications

  • Lighting and display
  • Automotive dashboard and interior
  • Consumer electronics
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