LEXAN™ 8010V Film

Lexan™ 8010V polycarbonate film offers excellent clarity in all thicknesses. It provides high heat resistance and superior dimensional stability for graphic art applications which require UL94 flammability performance. Derived from one of the world’s toughest polymers, Lexan™ 8010V film also provides high gloss surface finishes. Recent technology improvements now in effect reduce color variation by 50%. Additional enhancements allow improved gauge control (see below).


  • LEXAN™ 8010V Film 5 mil (125 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8010V Film 7 mil (175 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8010V Film 10 mil (250 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8010V Film 15 mil (375 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8010V Film 20 mil (500 micron)
  • LEXAN™ 8010V Film 25 mil (625 micron)


  • UL94V-2 Flammability Rating
  • Polish finish one side, Polish finish second side clear polycarbonate film
  • Heat resistance
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • High gloss surface finish
  • Excellent clarity


  • In mold decoration
  • Automotive interiors
  • Appliances
  • Consumer electronics

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