Mylar® M34 is a heat sealable polyester barrier film that increases shelf life and freshness in packaging through advanced barrier technology. Mylar® M34 has a PVdC coating on one side, also known as a saran coating, which acts as an excellent moisture and oxygen barrier. Most often the Mylar® films are combined with other webs by adhesive or extrusion laminating to create a final product.


  • MYLAR® M34 0.5 mil (12.5 micron)
  • MYLAR® M34 0.75 mil (18.75 micron)
  • MYLAR® M34 1 mil (25 micron)


  • Coated on one side with PVdC copolymer, also known as saran coated
  • Heat sealable
  • Moisture and oxygen barrier


  • Barrier component of lamination
  • Cheese packaging
  • Candy and nuts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Soups

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