Dura-Go Textured ProTek® Polyester

Dura-Go® Textured ProTek® Polyester is offered 7 mils thick and optimized for HP Indigo print technology. This material offers chemical and abrasion resistance for durable applications, while also allowing ease of embossing. Typical applications include: Control panel and membrane switch overlays, product and brand labels, durable labels.

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  • Dura-Go Textured ProTek® Polyester 7 mil (175 Micron)


  • Reliable, superior ink adhesion
  • Long shelf life, guaranteed to print for one year after purchase
  • Very good chemical & abrasion reistance
  • Ease of embossing

Typical Applications

  • Control panel and membrane switch overlays
  • Product and brand labels
  • Membrane switch overlay
  • Durable labels
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