LOCTITE® M 2000RS MOD2 Series

LOCTITE® M 2000RS MOD2 Series carbon resistive inks for rigid circuitry

LOCTITE® M 2000RS MOD2 Series are one-component, resistive carbon inks intended for screen printing on rigid circuit substrates. These inks are available in range of resistances for potentiometer and resistor applications. They are laser trimmable for linearity of 1%, eliminate soldering of discrete components, reduce production time, and permit the circuit profile to be reduced.

This series of inks was formerly known under the brand Acheson Minico. 

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  • LOCTITE® M 2001RS MOD2 (1 ohms/sq.)
  • LOCTITE® M 2010RS MOD2 (10 ohms/sq.)
  • LOCTITE® M 2012RS MOD2 (100 ohms/sq.)
  • LOCTITE® M 2013RS MOD2 (1,000 ohms/sq.)
  • LOCTITE® M 2014RS MOD2 (10,000 ohms/sq.)
  • LOCTITE® M 2015RS MOD2 (100,000 ohms/sq.)


  • Applicable with manual or semi automatic screen printable equipment
  • Can be mixed to produce accurately controlled resistance values
  • Adheres well to FR-3, FR-4, CEM-1, and CEM-3 polyethersulphone and ceramic substrates
  • Good screen residence time
  • Less than 5% after soldering, humidity, and thermal aging exposure
  • One component

Typical Applications

  • Printed resistors
  • Potentiometers
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WARNING: California Proposition 65 - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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