3M™ Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape 365 White

3M™ Glass Cloth Tapes 365 and 3650 are thermosetable rubber-resin adhesive tapes coated onto a strong conformable glass backing for many applications requiring high adhesion for adhesion to a variety of surfaces. 3M tape 3650 is a poly-linered version of 3M tape 365.


  • 3M™ Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape 365 White


  • Thermosetable rubber-resin adhesive
  • Heat activated adhesive system for superior bonding
  • Strong, tough, durable
  • Superior abrasion resistance


  • Fabric splicing
  • Seaming panels
  • Sealing panels
  • Heavy duty masking
  • Bundling
  • Holding
  • Harness wrapping
  • Welding back-up

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