3M™ Splicing Tape 253 Tan

3M™ Silicone Splicing Tape 253 is a single-coated paper tape with a modified poly liner implemented as a second liner on the FACE SIDE of the tape. This second liner is added to help ensure roll quality, ease of unwind and protection of the adhesive against contamination until the splice is ready to be made

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  • 3M™ Splicing Tape 253 Tan


  • Unique silicone treated paper backing
  • Silicone adhesive for splicing silicone coated substrates
  • Clean removal
  • Easy and controlled unwind

Typical Applications

  • Splicing
  • Core starting
  • Roll closing
  • Tabbing
  • Flying splice
  • Zero speed splice
  • Automatic splice
  • Mill splice
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