3M™ Sheet Label Materials 7908

A durable, high performance materials that offer excellent thermal stability, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. These materials utilize 3M™ Adhesive 350, which is designed to permanently bond to high and low surface energy plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, powder coatings, and slightly oily metals


  • 3M™ Sheet Label Materials 7908


  • Considered to be the Industry Standard - the label stock by which all others are judged
  • Unique combination of cohesion and adhesion offering the ultimate in label performance
  • Excellent adhesion to LSE plastics and textured powder coated painted surfaces
  • Automotive underhood chemical resistance

Typical Applications

  • Barcode labels
  • Rating plates
  • Property identification and asset labeling
  • Warning, instruction, and service labels for durable goods
  • Nameplates for durable goods

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