3M™ Press Printable Label Materials FV0216R2

A flexible and conformable materials that offer durability and moisture resistance. The polymerically plasticized nature of this soft flexible vinyl imparts long term dimensional stability for demanding applications. These label products utilize 3M™ Adhesive P1480, which is a high performance tackified acrylic formulated for acid resistance and adhesion to polyolefins.

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  • 3M™ Press Printable Label Materials FV0216R2


  • Long used in product identification label applications
  • Acrylic adhesive delivers very high peel performance
  • Very high tack

Typical Applications

  • Product identification labels
  • Bar code tracking
  • Track and trace
  • Variable information printing (VIP)
  • Brand and instruction labels
  • Warning labels
  • Durable decals
  • Tamper indicating
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