3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9086

3M™ Double Coated Tapes with 3M™ Adhesive 375 provides a high level of adhesive peel and shear performance. The adhesive system used on these products provides good adhesion to both high and low surface energy substrates. The excellent initial tack ensures that a bond of good integrity is achieved soon after application.


  • 3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9086


  • 7.5 mils
  • Tissue carrier
  • Hand tearable
  • High Tack
  • Immediate bond
  • Quick stick
  • Can bond to rough or textured surfaces


  • POP Displays
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Sports Equipment
  • Indoor Outdoor Signs
  • Blinds
  • Furniture trim
  • Splicing

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