3M™ Conformable Double Coated Tape 93425

3M™ Conformable Double Coated Tape 93420, 93425, 93430 are high-performance double-coated tapes specifically designed for the bonding of Touch-Panel modules to device housings (“Lens” or “Window” Bonding). These products incorporate a unique energy absorbing carrier film and pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides an exceptional balance of properties required for demanding applications. 3M™ acrylic adhesive provides good bond strength to most surfaces, including printed inks.


  • 3M™ Conformable Double Coated Tape 93425


  • Excellent anti-lifting properties
  • Energy absorbing core (great for drops)
  • Chemical resistant
  • Great peel to both LSE and HSE surfaces


  • Lens bonding attachment
  • Electronic device bonding

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