Application Spotlight - Printable PVC Film

Vinyl film, or PVC Film (polyvinyl chloride), is a strong, embossable, versatile, and tear-resistant plastic film used in a wide variety of printed applications. PVC film is printable using traditional screen inks, as well as UV inkjet and Solvent inkjet inks. Think PVC film when in need of a cost-effective and durable film for signage, cards, or any other applications that may require printability, color consistency, or impact resistance.

Tekra offers printable PVC film in a variety of finishes and colors:

  • Finishes: gloss/gloss, matte/matte, and velvet/matte
  • Colors: clear, white opaque, and black opaque

Printable PVC Film Applications – Temporary Signage

One growing application for printable PVC film is with temporary signage. Due to this film being a low-cost and easy-to-process option, this film makes it great for temporary signage at stores, events, and restaurants. Vinyl PVC film also offers a sufficient amount of durability, clarity, and printability with a large array of traditional screen and offset inks. This value gives printers the ability to produce a high-quality product while still being economical. This substrate provides a durable and quick solution for temporary signage, often used at conventions or for temporary changes in traffic patterns.

PVC, like Polystyrene, tends to maintain naturally higher dyne levels, making it an easy go-to for printing needs. This means that PVC can often be printed on without a primer or a print treatment. However, compared to Polystyrene, PVC typically maintains better durability and is better for applications requiring die-cutting or forming.

Printing on printable vinyl film is a great cost-effective solution for your signage needs. In addition to uncoated PVC, Tekra offers a full line of digitally print receptive coated films and substrates. This line includes not only PVC, but polycarbonate, polyester, and more. Click here to learn more.

To discuss your PVC film needs, call Tekra at 866-468-4024 or visit here to learn more.

Image of printable PVC film

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