Tek Tip - Synthetics for P.O.P Applications

When choosing a Point-Of-Purchase (POP) signage substrate, it is best to consider the following:

  • How long should the signage last?
  • How durable does it need to be?
  • Will it come into direct and constant contact with customers or store personnel subjecting it to additional wear, tear or fingerprinting?
  • Will it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Do you meed to utilize both sides of the substrate for printing, or will it be backlit?
  • Will it be mounted or framed?
  • Will it be a stand-alone piece that requires a sturdieer material?
  • What is your budget?
  • How will it be printed?


There are individual products made for each use of the POP signage. Having an answer for all of the above will ensure you will select a product that will provide optimum results. Synthetic substrates are often chosen when you need a more durable material that will also allow for bright, eye-catching prints. There are several options available including styrene, rigid vinyl in both white, clear and colors; polycarbonates, and polyesters films. Each substrate has its advantages over the others. This chart will give you a "quick reference guide" to help you choose the right material:


Understanding the performance needs of your finished goods as well as the print method and any post-processing requirements is the best way to consistently choose the right material and understand just how valuable making a synthetic choice over a paper choice might be to your overall success.

Today's synthetic films are offered in a greater variety of printable surfaces, colors, finishes, than ever before. Contact a Tekra graphic film specialist to gain valuable knowledge and discuss your entire project from application, print-method, substrate coating needs and post-processing needs. Ask for samples and specification sheets to determine which synthetic will fill your need. You will find that a greater value is worth the difference in initial cost when switching from paper to plastic.


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