Tek Tip - How to Choose the Right Lidding Film

  • There are dozens of lidding films to choose from. How do you navigate all of the options available?

    At Tekra, we do not employ the “one size fits all” strategy when it comes to sealant film. Our goal: to ensure that you have a reliable lidding film with consistent and repeatable performance across your manufacturing equipment. Here are some key components that Tekra looks for when choosing the right Mylar® film for your application: 

    • Tray Type: The type of tray you are sealing to is one of the most important determining factors for a lidding films. While many films are compatible across multiple tray substrates, finding a best fit solution is a focus.
    • Application Details: The type of foods being sealed, as well as, whether it will be frozen or refrigerated, are key application details. If there are fresh fruits and vegetables involved, the respiration rates of the produce are incorporated into the selection process and consultation.
    • Cooking Method: Conventional oven versus microwave us an imperative factor. While most films are compatible with both cook methods, there are a select few with limited performance in a conventional oven. Understanding these variable ensure quality and performance.
    • Packaging Machine: Sealing temperature and type of sealing equipment impact how the chemistry of the film coating interacts with the flange of the tray. This can impact the quality of seal, as well as the peel-ability at the consumer level.
    • Special Requirements: Print treatment and anti-fog treatments are available upon request.

    These are the standard pieces of information we will discuss while qualifying your film needs. The more complex the application is, the more we dive into details to make sure you will have the right film to increase efficiencies and eliminate failures.

    Contact Tekra today or request a sample and quote to see how we can help with your lidding film needs!