Press Release - Tekra Announces New ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester

New Berlin, WI - Tekra announces the launch of ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester, a new UV resistant hardcoated polyester with superior optical properties. The film blocks over 99% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light, the light that yellows and cracks plastics along with fading ink. Providing a certified 2000 hours of simulated weathering in a Xenon arc chamber for every roll of film, ProTek Weatherable Clear Polyester outperforms its closest competitors significantly (Table 1-1).

In addition, the hardcoat provides protection for underlying graphics in highly demanding environments and further protects from scratch, abrasion and chemical attack. The coating is completely transparent so it provides total clarity and perfect image fidelity. According to Carl Sommerstad, Director of Technical Sales, “With the application of one of the weatherable texturing inks, printers now have the capacity to provide their customers with a fully weatherable, selectively textured part, with totally clear windows for display.”

Available on a highly popular 7mil (175 micron) super clear polyester base film, ProTek Weatherable Clear Polyester is the only choice when you need a glossy, UV resistant polyester film.

For more information on these new products or for free test samples, please contact Tekra or call us at (800) 491-9578.

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