Press Release - Tekra Announces New Informational Video Series on When to Choose to Use a Hardcoated Film Versus Uncoated film

  • New Berlin, WI - Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. has just published a new four part video series called, "When to Use a Hardcoated Film vs. an Uncoated Film".

    "The series dives into the four main performance characteristics screen printers and digital printers have to analyze in making the determination if their application requires a protective hardcoat on a polyester or polycarbonate film," states Andy Danihel, Director of Marketing for Tekra. "Evaluating each performance characteristic is essential for the printer to explore to make the correct choice for their particular application. In most cases, there is not a simple answer. These four videos will help a printer know what to question in the applications requirements to make the best decision."

    Each video delves into one of our four performance characteristics that need to be evaluated when making the choice between using a hardcoated film or an uncoated film:

    • Video 1 - What type of scratch & abrasion resistance is needed for the finished application?
    • Video 2 - What type of chemical exposure will the finished application see?
    • Video 3 - Will the finished application be embossed or formed and to what extent?
    • Video 4 - What type of UV resistance will be required for the finished application


    Each video is approximately two minutes long for quick and easy viewing. This four part series can be found on Tekra's website and on their YouTube page.

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