Press Release - New Anti-Glare Marnot® Hardcoated Film Offered By Tekra

New Berlin, WI - Tekra announces the launch of Marnot® AG, an new anti-glare hardcoated polyester with superior optical properties. Marnot AG provides Tekra’s standard scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistance, as well as the flexibility and process friendly characteristics printer’s demand. Tekra’s hardcoats have traditionally enjoyed an advantage in post production processing operations, with reduced scrap during die cutting and embossing.

In addition, the new film provides enhanced pencil hardness and clarity for an anti-glare polyester film. It is printable on the hardcoat side itself, with UV inks, on the first or second pass. Available on highly popular 7mil (175 micron) UV ink friendly polyester, Marnot AG is an excellent choice when balancing competing demands of clarity and anti-glare needs. “Not only are we very enthusiastic about this new addition to our product line, we expect that our customers will experience better results when using this material in optical applications,” said Carl Sommerstad, Director of Technical and Export Sales.

For more information on this new product or for free test samples, please contact Tekra at (800) 491-9578 or visit our website at

Press Release - New Anti-Glare Marnot® Hardcoated Film Offered By Tekra Toolbox Resources


  • Outstanding optical qualities
  • Excellent scratch & abrasion resistance
  • Superior adhesion to a variety of sputter coated metals & oxides
  • Great chemical resistance to common household cleaners, oils and industrial solvents
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