Press Release - DScoop Phoenix 2017 Proves ROI in Digital Platforms

Improved technologies expand your market offering and increase your bottom line

New Berlin, WI - Tekra had the pleasure of attending the 12th annual DScoop conference in Phoenix, AZ earlier this month. As always, it was an informative show full of the latest printing technologies, and break out seminars to further educate their users.
“With the addition of Inkjet in the past few years, it is apparent that more and more print shops are crossing over and finding the right markets for each press platform, utilizing both technologies to the fullest and expanding their portfolio”, states Rebecca Fuhrman Market Development Manager of Digital Films. “In keeping with that theme, much of Dscoop seemed to center around profit-building by expansion of market offering and proper management,” continues Fuhrman.
HP Indigo was showing off its new large format presses, which open new markets for the platform, as well as allow greater yields and essentially quicker turn-around times with sheet sizes maximums approximately 20” x 29.5” - this is a significant size growth over their previous maximum size of 13” x 19”. In addition to the wider format, their new presses are equipped with the ‘One Shot’ technology, to save time and improves registration quality. This is to reduce labor costs and improves efficiencies to help bring dollars to the bottom line.
Their speakers this year were impressive, with the headliner being the Oakland A’s EVP of Baseball, Billy Beane, followed by several breakout sessions that discussed the supply chain economics and effective sales tactics.
As the digital technologies advance, the more printers see the economic return on digital printing, and this showcase certainly didn’t deviate from driving that message home.
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